"There's no Dirt you can Dig up on Atlanta's Murphy"

By Tom Weir

Today's task: Find something bad to say about Dale Murphy.

Surely there is some flaw, some blemish. In an age when the sports pages often read like a police blotter surely a way can be found to taint saintly Dale Bryan Murphy.

So what if the Altanta Braves center fielder is hitting .484 with hits in all eight games. So what if he has driven in at least one run in seven of those games and has five homersin what is the best start of an altogether stellar career.

Maybe he's a braggart.

"You always wonder what the difference is when you're hitting and you're not hitting." said Murphy, a .228 hitter for the month of April a year ago. "This time, I'm getting hits. That's pretty profound, isn't it?"

Not too boastful there.

They say the man is so clean he squeaks when he walks. And he walks often, 262 times in the last three seasons.

Maybe he is greedy.

No, he gives 10 percent of that $1,531,000-a-year salary to the Mormon Church.